14 Inch Human Hair Weave, 14 Inch Weave Sew In Hairstyles

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]I know it must be confusing to have us talking about the different lengths of the weave.

Basically, the 14-inch is of an average length which suits those who don’t like long hair. At Hair theme, you will find some of the best textures and colors of the 14-inch weaves.

We classify the 14-inch weave among the medium to long hair. The best description of this weave length is beauty and grace.

Before we delve deep, let’s understand that the hair length may be different for you and your friend. If you are tall, you will have the hair appearing shorter and vice versa.

We all love and admire the different forms of hair extensions. However, if you don’t know some of the features you want in the hair extension, you won’t choose the right hair for you. These features include the color, texture, and length of the hair are fundamental.

Today we will give you the necessary information that regards the 14-inch weave.

How Long is 14-Inches in Weave?

hair length chart
For this length, the hair reaches below the shoulder. So, this hair will further create more volume.

If you love long hair and yours isn’t a long and luxurious, you know what to do. Go on and buy the best luxurious weave from our shop anytime you need to.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for the hair to grow longer to no success. Today, you use the weaves to achieve an instant change.

You will expect all the weaves that pose as the 14-inch weave to be about 35cm when straightened. And mark my words, you measure the curly or wavy hair after straightening it.

As we had already mentioned, the 14-inch hair is an armpit length hair for the average height woman. Remember, your height will also determine the length.

I bet the reason why this hair is quite popular is that it gives you the feminine style. I mean that about any woman’s dream, for the long hair to show their beauty.

What Does The 14-Inch Hair Look Like?

What Does The 14-Inch Hair Look LikeThe Unique Features of the 14-Inch Weaves

Our shop focuses on quality. We aim at making sure the hair we use is a high-quality type. The only hair we sell to you is purely Remy human hair. By that, we mean that there aren’t any animal fibers mixed in to thicken the hair.

The hair comes to you in different textures and styles.

  • It has the perfect length

I say this hair has the perfect length because it’s long. At this length, therefore, it becomes more acceptable for society. Most people associate short hair for women as a defiant person.

Longer hair, though, shows the female side, which is softer subtle, beautiful and all the soft qualities.

Also, this style makes it easy to style the hair. You can make almost any style with this length of hair. Whether it’s a high bun or high ponytail you want, you got it. Also, it depends on the method of attachment you are using.

  • We offer you a wide variety of hair

The good news is that we have a wide range of options when it comes to the 14-inch weave too. You can have the curly, straight ones, and the wavy ones too at your fingertips. It’s all about the choice you make in the end.

  • We have all the soft and elastic hair

It doesn’t matter the hair strands you take; the hair is often nicely smooth and elastic. I attribute this feature to the fact that the hair is human hair. Almost every other human hair is soft and stretchy to touch to some extent.

If you, however, use the artificial fibers, even though you may find those that are soft today, they won’t be as soft as the natural hair one. It loses its softness over time.

  • Handwoven

Most of the hair types that hair theme sells are handwoven. This means that the hair quality is uncompromised. They only choose the best hair strands to make the weave eventually. This is why you will only have the quality Remy hair.

The hairpieces we use are double weft to keep the hair from shedding. So, the hair is tightly woven in place regardless of the texture.

  • We have weaved for anyone

Contrary to most beliefs that only black women wear weaves, even other races use weaves. They may not prefer the sew-in style, but they will attach the other different kinds of weaves. They may use the glue to attach the hair or even the bonded style.

  • 14-inch hair fits anyone

It doesn’t matter the type of hair you have; you can find a 14-inch weave hair to match your style. The only difference is if you don’t like long hair. The 14-inch isn’t that long. In fact, for some people, it’s like a medium length, but for most others, it’s very long.

If you love the reasonably long hair, you will find this hair being satisfactory. The good thing is that you will have different hairstyles to achieve.

12-inch vs. 14-inch weave

12-inch vs. 14-inch weaveThere are evident differences between the two hair types. Although they look similar, you can tell the difference.

The length: well, the 12-inch hair reaches the shoulder length and the 14-inch one reaches the armpit. They are close, but they have a slight difference.

The essence: the 14-inch hair will enhance the volume as it improves the length. But the 12-inch one is ideal for an improved style and increased capacity.

How they look: I would say compared to the 14-inch hair; the 12-inch one looks more natural. Although some have such long hair, a good number of people have a natural hair length of 12-inch. So, it makes the weave look as though they are wearing their natural hair.

But on similarities, you can have all the same textures of these hairstyles. Whether you want the straight, wavy, or curly hair, you can have them in both the different lengths.

14-Inch Weave Hairstyles

So now that you have learned a few things about the 14-inch weave, it’s time to check out the different styles to try.

1. Straight hair

Like I’ve said before several times, you can never go wrong with the straight hair. You know this may be one for the most natural styles to achieve because it entails combing your hair to place and that’s it.

I further enjoy the fact that it gives you a professional look. If you are going to wear this style, you have not much to do other than a just comb or brush it to pace then go. But don’t be mistaken; you have to maintain its shine and sleekness using the right products.

Also, you should trim its ends to make it look blunt. Then if you like, make a clear side part that gets the hair side swept to one side. If you want, you can slay the edges. Also, if you wish, you can use the different colors to spice up the look.

When you want this,  we have Cheap Human Virgin Brazilian Straight Weave in our shop for you to use. It looks clean and stylish.

2. Kinky straight hair

The kinky hair has, over the years, garnered much more attention than any other hair. This is particularly true if you live in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and many other towns in Africa. I attribute the love of kinky straight to the similarity to the black women’s hair.

In using the hair, you will have all the healthy ends. This is one of the double drawn kind of hair extension. It appears nicely voluminous just like the type 4b and 4c hair. We only sell you the high-quality hair type but especially one that looks natural.

If you love to look natural and you have the 4C hair, this will serve you. At 14-inch, not only does it enhance the volume; instead, it gives you even the length you may want. This human hair is full but also soft and healthy-looking.

The best part is that it comes with the closure to give you a more natural hair look. So even those who know you will think it’s your natural hair.

3. Curly weave

Curly hair is playful, and it makes you feel and look young. When you use such kinky curly hair, then you achieve both the volume and the length for the hair. Thus, the style mimics the common afro kinky style.

Your hair appears full and messy. You can create the bangs with the hair for a more defining look.

For some reason, the style will also appear feminine, and if you want to look younger but also outgoing wear such hair. You will be communicating with your environment that you are fierce but stylish too.

Do you want this style? If you wish to wear the style, try this hair Burmese 100 Human Remy Virgin Kinky Curly Hair.

4. Wavy hairstyle

There’s something about the waves, and it’s that they get the boredom off.  You may use the side-swept bangs, and with the waves, it creates this edgy style. It’s easy to achieve this style but you have to buy the right weave you know.

If you wish to enhance the volume more than the length, you should use this wave. They are the best method of showing off the voluminous hair. I love that it has the thick ends as they will remain healthy and rich.

When you want such a hairstyle, you may use this Mongolian Body Wave. Not only will it make your hair appear wavy, but it does appear healthy too.

Where to Buy The 14-Inch Weave?

Have you seen how stylish this hair is easy? Are you convinced to buy it? If you have made up your mind, I have news for you. You can get all the different kinds of hair from our shop. From shed-resistant to the best color and the best quality, you have it all in a single package.

Hair theme will never let you down when you are looking for the different styles and colors to use.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][product_category per_page=”8″ columns=”4″ orderby=”menu_order title” order=”ASC” category=”14-inch-weave”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]


How will I know my curly or wavy hair is a 14-inch weave?

It’s easy; you have to use a tape measure and the strands. Pull the curly or wavy strands against the tape measure. Remember, we measure it first before we start to create the waves or curls. As for the straight hair, it will be the same length.

Which one should I use for my bob, the 12-inch, or the 14-inch hair?

It depends on the kind of bob you want to achieve. If you want a long lob, then a 14 inch one is okay and if you want a regular bob, then the 12-inch one is okay. This is to say that both hair types are great if you are going to make the bob.

Are the discounts you show at hair theme real?

Yes, they are except we have already made the percentage discounts. So, the price set is inclusive of discounts.

Can I wash the extensions?

Yes, you are free to wash the hair. As I said, we only use the Remy hair and that means that the equality of the hair is uncompromised. I often advise people to wash the hair when it arrives but remember to use the mild shampoos.

How many bundles of hair should I buy?

It will always depend on the type of hair you are using. Some you may use two bundles while others may use three but mostly, you only need two bundles of hair.

How do I pay for the hair?

We have the different methods you may use to pay for the hair and when you add to cart, you will see the options. You can use PayPal, visa card and credit cards too.

Is it okay for me to dye the hair?

Yes, if you wish to dye the hair, you can because the hair is all human hair, and they have the cuticles aligned. Alternatively, you could buy the other hair colors we have.

Back to You

Most of the hair types we have are human hair. This means that they are already of high quality. So, do you want to feel beautiful and a little vibrant? Try our 14-inch hair extension.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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