12 Inch Sew In Weave, 12 Inch Sew In Weave Hair Hairstyles

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]Hair extensions offer an immediate solution to your natural hair deficiency. This is something typical of the 21st century; we love quick fixes. The 12-inch weave is one of the most popular lengths that will increase the volume of the hair, aside from the length.

Notice that just like in the past, people feel like long hair is the definition of beauty. No wonder more women wear longer hair. 12-inch is ideal for those who love the medium length which is just as beautiful.

With 12-inch weave, you can achieve the different styles, including a difference in the color of the hair you use.

Why Use The 12-Inch Weave?

You should use it because Hair Theme offers you the finest 12-inch weave.

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Generally, the hair extensions have a myriad of benefits to anyone using them, but there are about three that are unique to the 12-inch hair.

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  • Volume and length

Wearing a 12-inch weave makes you acquire the perfect volume and length at once.  Of course, the only way to make sure the hair benefits you entirely is by wearing the right density and length. The perfect length and volume make you feel good about yourself.

Naturally, the essence of the 12-inch is to increase the volume and length. The hair, in this case, isn’t too long neither is it too short. It’s the perfect length for those days that you want to look stylish but not exaggerated.

  • It saves time

Since you are dealing with a shorter to medium length hair, it takes you a shorter time to attach it. You won’t spend hours in the salon and you won’t take you long to the style and comb it. Additionally, if you will maintain it right then, you won’t have to go to the salon every time.

  • You can try different hairstyles

The best thing about the weave extensions is that you can try many different styling options. You can play around with the colors and the length. With the 12-inch length, you still command respect and especially when you are using the straight hair.

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  • You protect your natural hair

You have the chance to make the best styles on the weave. Also, you can try the unique ones with the weave instead of your natural hair. Meanwhile, you shield the natural hair from bad weather and constant manipulation.

You won’t worry anymore about having a bad haircut of shorter hair as the weave creates perfection.

The Standards of the 12-Inch Hair Extension

When talking about the standard of the weave, we are always talking about the density of the hair. Often the density and thickness of hair comes for the root to the end. We have two significant standards at hair theme.

Single drawn: the difference here is that the hair is thick at the roots, and then its thin at the ends. This is to say that the hair strands have different lengths.

Double drawn: on the other hand, the double drawn hair extension is thick on the roots and the ends too. They pick the hair by hand and arrange them one by one to make the same length. You will always achieve a full look with this hair.

The Outstanding Features of the 12-Inch Weave

Like most other shops, at hair theme, we only sell the best weaves and wigs. You will find the different kinds of hair but also the invaluable information that regards hair. Whenever you are looking for the best quality, we are the definition of the best quality 12-inch weave.

Wearing hair from our brand means you maintain and improve your look and boost your self-confidence. But the 12-inch hair is even better since it sends the message of elegance, style and power.

Below are the unique features of hair theme hair

  • It’s of high quality

Of course, the virgin human hair is the best among other hair types. We pick our hair from trustable sources.

They source the hair from donors and then clean it, sort it a little and then package it for sales. This means that the cuticles remain aligned and thus the highest quality of Remy hair.

At hair theme, the hair maintains its original quality. You can blend it well with the natural hair because the natural hair has the highest form of quality. The hair we use comes from different parts of the world.

They are from Brazil, India, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Malaysia, Burma, just to mention a few. We are saying that unless you choose our synthetic fiber, our hair is 100% human hair. You won’t have animal fiber mixed in as other brands do.

  • It comes with different textures

You can have the 12-inch weave in various textures. The wide variety makes it easy to choose the type that suits you best. You can have the body wave, straight, curly, kinky curly, kinky straight, deep wave, natural wave, loose deep wave and more.

Different people enjoy different textures at different times in their lives. So, in giving you a wide variety, you can choose the best style for you based on your face and style.

  • It comes in varying colors

The essence of the colored weaves is to allow you to try even unique colors. Here, we have some of the most common colors in the market. However, if you have a color you would love to try today, then you can contact us to find the customized pieces.

Colors like blonde, burgundy, and black are some of the most common colors we have. But some pieces come in colors like blue, lavender or purple. We want you to try it all as long as you are comfortable.

Notice that the cost of buying a hair in its natural color will be lesser than that of purchasing the hair in different colors.

  • They are 100% Remy hair

Note that we only focus on bringing you the hair in its purest form. The hair contains no additional synthetic or animal fiber. Ours is fully human hair that has all the cuticles aligned.

We know the essence of being trustworthy to our clients, and that’s why we focus only on selling human hair. All of the human hair types we have are Remy human hair. That means that the hair will be durable.

  • It looks natural

Every woman wants to look natural. Although women have accepted the use of hair extension, not like the past, we still want it to mimic their natural hair. Manufacturers are always working hard to make sure the hair looks so natural.

Our hair weave gives you nothing short of the natural look you seek. This is true when you know the texture to use for the hair. Also, for those who have at least 10-inch natural hair, 12-inch will look as though you are wearing your natural hair.

  • They are easy to maintain and style

Since we are talking about natural human hair weave, hair maintenance is easy. If you take care of them at least the same way you do with your natural hair, it’s durable. The hair we have tangles less. Remember its Remy hair with the cuticles aligned.

I haven’t heard anyone complain about the frizz or tangles, and this is because of the quality. If you follow our advice on how to take care of them, you are safe.

  • The hair is durable

I know that today the business that rakes in billions globally is the hair business. This is to say that more people use hair extensions. But since we invest some good money on the extensions, it’s essential that we only choose the durable hair.

With proper care, we promise you that you will enjoy the hair we sell. Since they’re all the highest quality of hair, they will last over a year if you take good care of them.

  • The 12-inch weave offers you the styling versatility

Notice that the 12-inch weave is the medium-sized hair. With the medium length, therefore, you can use it for the various styling choices you may have in mind. You will see some of the styling options you have below.

When you buy quality hair, you may use it for all the different styles. But, make sure you also know the right products to make the style work.

You can change the hair texture. Today you may have the bouncy curly weave, and tomorrow you change it to the straight, sleek hair. You only want to achieve a natural look.

How Does The 12-Inch Weave Look Lengthwise?

Generally, the length of the weave will appear, as you can see below.

But you might experience some difference since different women have different heights. That will always determine where the hair falls for you. For example, a 6 feet woman wearing a 12-inch hair won’t have it appear in the same place as a 5 feet woman wearing a12-inch.

Although the natural hair may appear just below the chin, if you are wearing the weave, it will reach the shoulder length.

How Does The 12-Inch Weave LookDifferent Hairstyle Choices

1. 12-inch wavy sew in hair

12-inch wavy sew in hair

Here we have the middle parting, which often goes with most head shapes especially the round and square faces. The middle parting further gives you a more feminine look. Besides, she uses the waves to spice up her style and soften defined angles.

Even though the hair isn’t as long, it appears natural looking and bouncy. Since Miss Union has almost the same length of hair, you won’t even tell that this isn’t her hair. Using the hair therefore, we achieve a natural-looking hair.

This is your classy look that’s further glamorous and rich. Since you wear the hair as wavy, it will look anything else but fake hair.

2. 12-inch curly weave

curly hairEven when you are using the curly weave, you are free to be as creative as you wish to. Here she uses a darker shade of brown, which blends well with her skin. You could use our Malaysian curly weave to achieve this style.

Nonetheless, you may have to color the hair just a little bit to make sure it achieves the color you wish. In braiding the crown part, she gets the hair off her face while being stylish. We can also create a simple knot at the top then let the other part of the hair flow.

Ensure you choose the right length and volume to achieve the perfect style. But also, you will need to lay your hair edges if you like such.

3. 12-inch straight weave

12-inch straight weaveStraight hair is just perfect, but when you want to wear it to a bob, it’s even better. Here we have the middle parting for the straight hair to give it even more definition and shape. Although the hair comes in black, you may use the other options like blonde hair.

There’s something about the straight hair that gives you an extra level of confidence. Even if you feel low that day, wearing your hair as this gives you a slight mood boost. Not only is it professional to wear the hair this way but it’s also stylish.

I love the simplicity that comes with it. But if you want to be a little playful, use our 100 Peruvian Hair Purple/1B Straight. A simple change in color will give you pop at beauty but it also makes the style perfect.

Of course, the best way to wear a 12 inch is to use a bob style.

4. 12-inch body wave

12-inch body waveAre you the woman who likes to be a little playful? This style will suit you perfectly. For the body wave hair, you will always achieve the perfect volume. Besides, she uses a different color to match her skin tone.

This is the perfect hair type for anyone who is maybe commanding attention. Not only is the hair short and wavy but it also features the use of red hair color.

This is like a wavy bob style that you can straighten when you no longer want the waves. You may use this 100 Human Remy 99J 3 Bundles Body Wave from our brand to achieve the perfect hairstyle.

5. 12-inch natural wave weave

Natural wave hair

Like I already mentioned here, the most important thing for any woman is to use a weave that looks natural. This is one such hair type you may choose. And although you may have it in different lengths, the 12-inch length is just perfect.

You won’t have the hair shedding because of the double weft. That’s to say that the hair is durable and the quality unmatched.

I adore its visible ends that are full and thick. You won’t have the hair developing the split ends. Remember, your hair health depends on how you protect it from split ends. The hair looks soft and bouncy, yet it’s healthy and elastic in appearance.

The hair will never even tangle if you take good care of it. Don’t be one of those who doesn’t take care of their hair and then expect it to maintain its structure. You have to clean it and detangle it sometimes.

Is The 12 Inch Weave for You?

But yes, of course, it is. The question is, actually, do you love short to medium hair? If your answer is yes, then you can work well with this length. It’s stylish and you have a variety of hairstyles and texture options to use try.

Why Should You Buy the Extension from Us?

  • It’s affordable

We are not the over-ambitious people out there. Our significant interest is to see you satisfied because we know if you are, then you will come back. So, we have our hair being averagely priced which allows us to make some profits too.

  • Integrity is our policy

Don’t expect you will have a bad experience with us. What you see in our images is what you will receive. Besides, we even give you a 7-day return policy just in case what we send isn’t what you ordered. You can trust us since you have nothing to lose.

  • Perfect customer service

For all the questions you may have, we will reach back to you through email or social media. Consider contacting us to see how fast we respond to you. We respect our clients because we know we are here for business together.

  • We have a wide variety

Take a look at our shop; we have a wide range of options that come in different lengths. So, if you want a 12-inch weave, you will choose the right length from the hair we sell.

If you are looking for the wholesale options, too, we have you covered and feel free to contact us for more information.

  • We deliver across the board

Where are you? We have you covered. We will send the hair to you wherever you are and you can be sure it won’t take long. You should have the hair at your doorstep between 2-7 days, depending on where you are at.

Now, What Are You Waiting For?

Are you ever sad because the hair is short or it just doesn’t meet your needs sometimes, don’t be? Go on to our shop and check out your favorite 12-inch weave to change your style and, ultimately, vibe.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][product_category per_page=”12″ columns=”4″ orderby=”menu_order title” order=”ASC” category=”`{`object Object`}`”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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