10 Inch Weave (Human Hair Weave Styles)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]For ages, women had to put up with the feeling of not being good enough. This was because they didn’t have the hair length and type the media industry wanted. Today you can use hair extensions to amp your style, and one of the best ones is the 10 inch weave.

With the hair extension, we can all fit in in fact, almost every woman has used it at one time. We no longer hide; rather, we walk and stand tall as we meet the beauty standards.

It will take you just a few hours and for some hair types a few minutes to alter your look completely. Welcome to Hair theme-the home of beauty where you will get only the best hair types to give you that princess look.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]We recommend two bundles of hair weave here since you would always need two bundles to make a full head.
Of course, you can also buy one bundle or three bundles.

10 inch straight weave, 10 inch curly weave, 10 inch body wave, 10 inch brazilian hair body wave, 10 inch peruvian hair and some other hair type and length are included, you can choose whatever you want.

We list the 10 inche hair weave you may be interested in here.[/vc_column_text][product_category per_page=”8″ columns=”5″ orderby=”menu_order title” order=”ASC” category=”10-inch-weave”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]

Features of Our 10 Inch Weave

Hair theme – the only place to source a gorgeous 10 inch weave

At hair theme, we specialize in selling all the different kinds of hair to the world. Even though this hair isn’t as long, it makes you bold and confident in your skin. The hair is for the chosen few who have high self-esteem.

It sends the message that you don’t need that much attention of a diva just because divas use longer hair. However, you command respect and power. But how is this even possible from just hair? Let’s dive deep into the features for you to see.

  • Virgin remy 100% human hair

When we say one hundred percent, it means that the hair is real human hair. Unlike some other vendors do, we take serious of our hair business, That’s why we don’t use any synthetic hair to mix human hair.

  • It looks natural

Whenever you search for the 10 inch weave, we know that you are searching for the most natural-looking hair you can ever have. Well, many women have natural 10 inch hair. Not many people will, therefore, tell that you are wearing a weave.

  • You may use it to alter the texture or length but sometimes even the length

The essence of the weave is sometimes to change the texture and style even though you may use it for length increase.

You can use this weave for the different styles you have in mind. The question is how do you want it? Curly, straight, braids or body wave. I must mention that we continue to bring more unique colors as they dock into the market.

  • Best customer reviews

Any customer who has bought the weaves from us has had their needs met, and the best part is they give us positive reviews.

  • They are shed-resistant

There’s one common feature with them, they are all shed resistant, and you know why? We only choose the double weft hair. This means that the hair will last longer making it a worthy investment.

  • Perfect density

They all come with the right density to make sure the hair looks healthy, colorful, and voluminous. You won’t even have the split ends that go on to cause even more hair damage.

Understand also that our weaves are the easiest to maintain since they are easy to clean up. Just remember to follow the instruction when washing it and, most importantly, don’t use toxic products.

You will get what you see on here, and as you can see, all of the weaves we have are smooth and sleek looking. This is true for the human hair types too.

Why Do You Need A 10 Inch Weave?

  • For a natural look

Depending on what you are buying the weave for, a 10 inch weave is more natural-looking, especially if you naturally have short to medium length hair. With such a length, you will have most people believing it’s your natural hair.

All those questions of whether the hair is your natural hair won’t occur if you use the same hair texture as yours. People will go on believing it’s your natural hair.

  • It’s professional

If you are a professional woman who goes to the office often, you shouldn’t use the entirely long hair. The long hair suits those who are in the media industry. Notice though that the style you choose will also determine how best you look.

Already, the hair length gives you the confidence of a working lady. But the style will provide you with the comfort of a CEO.

  • It’s easy to maintain

We are talking about just 10 inch weave. The time it takes you to wash it, for example, and the time it takes to wash the 28-inch one is quite different. It takes a shorter time to clean it and style it even combing it to place.

Depending on the texture you choose, you won’t need to spend a lot of time in hair care.

  • It offers a different style

Assuming, for example, you have long hair, using the 10 inch weave or wig will change your style.

Besides, you may use the hair to try out different hair textures as well as length. Do you have the type 4 hair that shrinks and therefore, the hair remains shorter? Use the 10 inch straight hair for a different style.

What Does 10 Inch Weave Look Like?

What Does 10 Inch Weave Look Like

How Long Is 10 Inch Weave?

hair length chartThe Hairstyles

10 inch straight bob

10 inch straight bob
Even with your straight bob, you can make another style out of it. A short bob is as delicious as it gets for a woman of any age. When you look at this style, what do you see? It sends out the elegance yet confident vibe.

So, you can hold part of the hair to a high ponytail then let the ends flow to catch up with the other part of the hair to a sleek and straight flow. From Hair theme, you could use Cheap Human Virgin Brazilian Straight Weave Hair.

Be sure you choose the right length, though, because there will be other longer versions. You will need just a few bundles for it. Three bundles are enough for anyone with an average head. There’s beauty in laying the edges; don’t forget.

10 inch curly weave

Curly hair remains attractive for one reason; it mimics the black women’s natural hair. If you wear the curly hair, then you won’t look as though you are using a weave.

The hair length makes it appear even more natural than any other style. Afro kinky is a universal hairstyle among black women mostly because our natural hair is kinky curly. Do you want such hair? You can use the type in the link below.

Brazilian Afro Kinky Curly Human Hair Weave

There are so many afro kinky types of hair on our website. But again, the length varies and you can choose the 10 inches or any other for personalization. I love that the style gives you more freedom and luxury as you easily maintain the hair beneath.

So, you can create a side-swept style, tie the hair to a ponytail or let it flow in every direction as it would.

10inch body wave style

10inch body wave style
Even the body wave style always makes you look so natural in your hairstyle. There are many women with naturally beautiful waves like this one. When it’s short, the style is even better. The body wave style here makes the style playful.

Although you can use the style for all the professional looks, it equally fits the casual functions. Looking at her, you could bet she is wearing her natural hair.

The side parting, on the other hand, goes to create more structure for the style. We have such fantastic hair at different lengths. Consider this piece 99j Body Wave Weave.

Although it comes in burgundy, it will fit your usual hairstyle if it matches your skin tone.

10 inch Peruvian hair

10 inch Peruvian hairPeruvian hair is one of the best quality hairs you can use, and when you have it from our shop, you can be sure you get the best type. This hair features the use of only human hair and not chemically processed hair.

The hair allows you to color or even bleach it if you wish to change the color. Here we have the hair that is double weft to keep its strands from shedding. Notice that the wafting is neat and tight; therefore, you will need to sew it right.

I love that it remains shiny and elastic, which then makes it easy to maintain. Well, the length we have here is longer than 10 inch weave but we can provide you the 10inch length upon request. Lastly, it has thick and healthy ends without the split ends.

This hair won’t dry and tangle if you take good care of it.

But Then Whom Do the Different Textures Of 10 Inch Hair Fit?

If you are going to wear the 10 inch weave, you will need to wear the one that suits your face type or even your style. We have the following options for you to choose from.

For straight weaves: it mostly suits almost anyone. But if you have a round or oval face, then it trims the angles.

Curly hair: it works for those who typically have a small head. The shape may not be such a big deal here. You only need to have the right size. Also, if you have a long face, it will try to reduce the length

Wavy hair: this is just like something in the middle. It suits those who have not such small faces and not so defined face shapes

Would you like to make the weave a little playful? Use the different colors and then use either wavy or curly hair texture.


Does the 10 inch weave suit me?

Of course, it does. No one person shouldn’t use the 10 inch weave. It’s all a matter of style preference, you know. We have those who love very long hair yet we have those who like very short hair. Choose that which works for you.

How long does it last?

With properly care, our hair can last more than one year.

Can you dye or bleach the hair?

Yes, since the hair is virgin remy hair, you can dye or bleach it whatever colors you want.

How will I know that you sell the right length I need?

Well, you need to measure it. Simple, right? But I know where you are going with this. If you bought a curly hair, you might think it’s not the right length because you measured it curly. We the sellers, though, measure the hair before we start curling it.

So, you will find that your straight hair is just the 10 inch, but the curly one may appear maybe 8 inches. Before you choose the hair, be sure you know where you want it to reach.

Do you sell real human hair?

O yes, Hair Theme is all about integrity. If we are selling non-pure human hair, we always let you know. We like to invest in good quality hair. Therefore, most of the hair in our shop is human hair and the Remy ones at that.

How should I take care of my 10 inch weave?

The same way you take care of other weaves. There’s no unique procedure for you to follow for this one since the content of the extension is the same. Remember, you should maintain a proper sleep routine and detangle the hair properly.

What if I wanted a lot of hair at wholesale prices?

We can sell the hair in wholesale as well. We do both the retail and wholesale so it doesn’t matter the number of hair bundles you wish to buy. We will deliver them.

But how many bundles of hair do I need for the 10 inch

Depending on your head size, the average head will need only 2 bundles for a full look. If you have a larger head, then you may add one more bundle.

I would love a colored weave, which one would suit me?

Well, the colored weave is terrific. But unless we know your skin tone, we can’t tell you the color that would work for you. Besides, the preference may also matter here. For more information on the best color, read our color chart.

But how long is this 10 inch weave exactly?

I know it can be confusing to know how long the hair is. However, use the length chart we gave above to understand it better. 10 inch is the chin length.  Nonetheless, it may vary with a different texture.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes, we do. We know that you may notice that you don’t want what you receive. Thus, we give you up to 7 days to return the hair upon receipt.

Whether you are choosing the Indian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Cambodian, or Malaysia hair, we sell only the quality pieces here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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